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It zaps our souls.

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Life Hard.
Need Smoothie.
12-hour shifts, abscesses, adoption, anal glands, bandaids, bella, bitchy clients, blood, bloody hands, blow guns, boxes of puppies, cat bag, cat catcher, cat scratch fever, cats, clipping toe nails, copper, dogs, dyers that suck, ear infections, end of day, enrique, evil cats, fat cats, fat dogs, fecal loops, getting attacked, gossip, kauffman, kennels, kittens, leashes, lighters, loud children, mr. nole, muzzles, name badges, neuters, ollie burger, otoscopes, oxygen, petsmart, pills, piss, pododermatitis, puppies, puppies that hop, rabies poll, rectal thermometers, ridiculously stupid people, satanic cats, scabies, sevo, sharp things, sharpies, sharps containers, shaving dogs asses, shit, shitty paychecks, skin scraps, slap happy, smoothies, soap, sore feet, spays, spray bottles, stain, stuie, stupid people, stupid phone scripts, subway, surgeries, sushi, syringes that explode, telazol, things that squeak, towels, vaccines, x-rays, your mom